So what’s happening! You start up a VM in VMware Fusion and you get this error.

There could be many reasons for this but 2 most common are your mac’s Security & Privacy settings or an earlier installation of Virtual Box.

  1. Privacy & Security settings: Allow VMware to load

Just allow VMware.

If that doesn’t work then try the following.

2. Unload VirtualBox Kernel extensions:

If you have installed VirtualBox that could also be a reason for this error. You will need to uninstall VBox and unload its kernel extensions using the kextstat utility. This utility can be used to show which kernel extensions have been actually loaded by OS X at bootup.

Details about kernel extensions —>

Run the following command to list all loaded kernel extensions.

 SBAMBRAH-MBP:~ sbambrah$ kextstat

Use the following command to unload all virtual box related kernel extensions. I am showing you how to do for one but you will have to unload all virtualbox related.

  sudo kextunload -b org.virtualbox.kext.VBoxNetFlt

Once that’s done your VMware VM will boot up just fine.

If you still get the problem on reboot then reinstall the latest version of Virtual Box and remove it properly using the Funter app available for free on app store

Hope that helps!